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To be one of the leader in the world for cargo industry to increase deeply our market share in our field through our dear customer.



We put our education, knowledge and experience between our customer to meets their needs and exceed it for best customer satisfaction which we have highly trained and qualified staff  to ensure their cargo reach it's destination in the most safe and cost effective way.


Majalan  delivers seamless logistics and business solutions to our customers around the globe. We have established highly reliable and effective processes which, together with our internet based consignment/product tracking and sophisticated systems management software, allow us to monitor and control all aspects of our operations.

By offering a full package of logistics solutions our business model covers the entire supply chain from design, re-engineering and consulting through forwarding, warehousing and transport services to integrated data management systems supported by our global IT platform.

This sophisticated approach means we can better keep our promises to our customers and deliver the right product, at the right price at the right time.

Our logistics solutions include:

• Inventory management
• Pick & pack
• B2B and B2C (eBiz) logistics
• Reverse logistics
• Kitting
• Vendor management



Warehousing is an integrated part of Majlanl logistics solutions, including inbound checks, goods receipt and put-away, (bonded) storage, pick & pack and shipping. We provide warehousing as a component of the total supply chain.

We operate multi client warehouses in order to align manufacturers with similar customer channels. By operating this way logistics costs are reduced, overhead cost are shared and opportunities are created for resource sharing.

Besides storage capacity the warehouses also act as cross dock and/or merge in transit center in order to speed up ultimate delivery to your customer in a reliable and cost effective manner.

The Global market is a complex market due to the different languages, cultures rules and regulations. In order to supply your customers with tailored goods we provide value added services like assembly of high-tech equipment, light manufacturing, configuration, kiting, packaging and customer support.

Within our warehouses three types of services are offered to our customers, namely:

Primary warehousing services

  • Receipt of goods including staging & control
  • Stock/inventory control.
  • Consolidation
  • Deconsolidation
  • Immediate and Timed Dispatch
  • Client interfacing
  • (In-Store) Logistics
  • Inspections according to client stated criteria

Value added logistics

  • The whole range of value added logistics activities is offered. Such as:
    • Marking
    • Palletizing
    • Order picking
    • Sorting & Kitting
    • Industrial packaging
    • Repackaging
    • Sampling
    • Labeling
    • Wrapping

Value added services

  • The whole range of value added services is offered. Such as:
    • Invoicing
    • Fiscal representation
    • Customs consultancy
    • Call center services (in partnership)
    • Packing consultancy (in partnership)

All storage activities take place within a bonded warehouse, enabling us to offer you financial benefits (deferment of import duty payments, VAT deferment). In addition to storage under bond we also can assist in:

  • fiscal representation
  • inward & outward processing
  • applying for BTI’s


Value Added Logistics


Majlan  offers the following value added logistics services, which focus on physical activities:

  • Build to order
  • Testing
  • Packing
  • Repacking
  • Assembly

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