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To be one of the leader in the world for cargo industry to increase deeply our market share in our field through our dear customer.



We put our education, knowledge and experience between our customer to meets their needs and exceed it for best customer satisfaction which we have highly trained and qualified staff  to ensure their cargo reach it's destination in the most safe and cost effective way.

Cargo Services

Majlan can give you a package full of consultancy to the better way to achieve your goals.  Furthermore we can offer you our outsourcing services packing, storage, land trucking, certification, legalization, and clearance.

The major strengths of Majlan Int. cargo services:

1- Refrigerated Trucks.
2- Quick Response.
3- 24/7 Cargos delivery.
4- Competitive Rates.
5- Special Rates for Permanent Clients.
6- Strong and Useful Relationship with Air Lines, Shipping lines.
7- Full Knowledge to deal with perishable goods.

  The Markets that Majlan Int. cargo services have strong activity in:

  Import: From Far East, USA and European markets to Jordanian Market.

  Export: From Jordanian Market to the Markets of North Africa, Europe, USA and the
Arabian Gulf Area.

Re-Export: from Jordan via Aqaba port to Iraqi market.

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