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To be one of the leader in the world for cargo industry to increase deeply our market share in our field through our dear customer.



We put our education, knowledge and experience between our customer to meets their needs and exceed it for best customer satisfaction which we have highly trained and qualified staff  to ensure their cargo reach it's destination in the most safe and cost effective way.

Managing Director Message

Welcome to the website of Majlan International Cargo Services, which designed to introduce ourselves, the services which we supply, and to develop the whole work.  You will find in this web site everything you expect of services from your logistic partner.
  Since 2002 when Majlan has been founded until now; and it involved to work on the services development, which resulted a world wide network of relationships spanning the five continents, keeping on one purpose which is upgrading to what offer for the clients within the logistic sectors, reflecting a efficiency image of the Jordanian company within the global and international transactions; hereupon Majlan has considered one of the best companies in its field, despite the late establishment of Majlan; it’s becomes discriminated, but this discrimination was not being without many reasons which highlighted, support from our clients, professionalism of the agents, qualified staff, good relationships with the official bodies, and the operators of the Air, Land and Sea transport sector.

  We must emphasize on the important fact; that Majlan will not hesitate to apply  the values of honesty, transparency, respect, achieving and protecting the interests of our clients, and the local society; will continue moving forward more of the progress and expansion, to participate our partners these successes.

Enjoy perusal our website.

Nizar Saleh
Managing Director

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